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Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Ingredients One medium sized pumpkin Salt Olive oil Directions Cut open the pumpkin by cutting a circle around the stem end with a sharp knife (knife blade angled in), and pulling off the top. Use a strong metal spoon to

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Traditional Hot Toddy

Traditional Hot Toddy

Ingredients 6 oz. almost boiling water 2 oz. of Scotch whiskey.  If you prefer you can use an Irish blend, or the sweeter Bourbon, or even brandy but Scotch is the traditional choice. 1 tsp honey 1 slice lemon 3-4

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Fried Olives

Fried Olives

Ingredients 1 cup Spanish olives, drained 1 egg, beaten 1⁄2 cup dried bread crumbs Olive oil Directions Coat olives in beaten egg. Roll olives in dried bread crumbs. Fry in olive oil over high heat until golden. Drain and serve

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Rosemary Infused Olive Oil

Ingredients 1 cup olive oil 5 -6 fresh rosemary (each 5 inches long) Directions Combine the oil and rosemary in a heavy small saucepan. Cook over medium-low heat for about 5 minutes. Remove from the heat and let cool to

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Homemade Cinnamon Applesauce

Homemade Cinnamon Applesauce

Ingredients 7 Golden Delicious apples, peeled, chopped 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1/3 cup packed dark brown sugar 1 cup water 3 slices lemon peel (cut with a vegetable peeler or paring knife) 2 cinnamon sticks

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Crumb-Coated Red Snapper

Red Snapper With Lemon Butter 2

Ingredients 1/2 cup dry bread crumbs 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese 1 teaspoon lemon-pepper seasoning 1/4 teaspoon salt  4 red snapper fillets (6 ounces each) 2 tablespoons olive oil Directions In a shallow bowl, combine the bread crumbs, cheese, lemon-pepper

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Fall-Apart Boston Butt

Boston Butt Fall Apart

Boston butt or pork butt is the American name for a cut of pork that comes from the upper part of the shoulder from the front leg and may contain the blade bone.  Boston butt is the most common cut

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Apple Popovers

Apple Popovers

Ingredients Apples 2 large Granny Smith apples, peeled, cored, and cut into 1/4-inch slices 2 tablespoons unsalted butter 3 tablespoons granulated white sugar 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon Batter 3 large eggs 1/2 cup milk 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted 1

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Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

Ingredients 2/3 Cup regular olive oil (plus more for greasing) 6 tablespoons good-quality unsweetened cocoa (sifted) 1/2 cup boiling water 2 teaspoons best vanilla extract 1 1/2  cups almond meal (or 125g plain flour / 3/4 cup plus 1 tablespoon

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Apple Oatmeal Cookies

Oatmeal Cookies Apples

Ingredients 3⁄4 cup shortening 1 1⁄4 cups firmly packed brown sugar 1 large egg 1⁄4 cup milk 1 1⁄2 teaspoons vanilla 1 cup flour 1 1⁄4 teaspoons cinnamon 1⁄2 teaspoon salt 1⁄4 teaspoon baking soda 1⁄4 teaspoon nutmeg 3 cups

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