Poultry, Fact you should know

Poultry is a friend to cooks all over the world.  Its mild flavor is compatible with most vegetables, fruits, spices and seasonings.  It’s nutritious, economical, and has low levels of cholesterol and calories and is delicious whether roasted, fried, grilled or however it’s prepared.

Because raw poultry carries potentially harmful organisms, great care must be taken in storage, handling, preparation, and cooking.  To reduce cross-contamination when handling poultry:  hands, utensils, and work surfaces must be washed in hot soapy water before handling other foods.

Cook poultry at moderate heat.  High heat toughens meat, causes shrinkage, and loss of moisture.  Cook until well done.  Do not cook partially and finish later.  Never leave cooked poultry at room temperature more than 1 ½ hours.

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